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Employment Skills

Looking for a job or looking for a helping hand in a current workplace? We provide employment and employability skills training including; communication, teamwork, time management and problem-solving. We also teach additional technology skills to help you integrate into the workplace. We can provide assistance in your current job, or with general skills to help you prepare for the workforce.

Independent Living Skills

We focus on immediate and practical skills, to help you achieve greater independence and confidence. Support can include;

  • learning how to cook and follow recipes
  • shopping for groceries
  • medication management
  • hygiene and personal care
  • learning road safety
  • navigating bus timetables and bus routes
  • budgeting skills and weekly planning

Communication and Assistive Technology

Assistive technology and equipment can aid people with disability, the aged, their families, support workers and carers to enhance everyday activities. We provide support for specialised devices and mainstream tablets, smartphones, apps for communication, education, and work, and day to day equipment in the home. We will always follow your Occupational and/or Speech Therapists recommendations to maximise the benefits of therapy.

Social and Community Inclusion and Transport

Combating loneliness with social activities is as important as maintaining physical health – we can provide support with any recreational activity you like to enjoy! We encourage building social networks and integrating with the community. We can help support you in enjoying your favourite activities and developing meaningful relationships.

Overnight Stays and Transport

We provide in-home support and short breaks either in your home, or the home of your carer. We can provide transport where required, to and from appointments or activities, shopping, or even just a short break for you, your family or carer. We also offer short-term stays in the support workers home.

For more information on how we can support you and your specific needs, please read our frequently asked questions below or contact us here for a chat.


We provide support for adults with intellectual disabilities, and the aged community. We support and consider all circumstances, to ensure you receive the services you need, when you need them.

We certainly do –  we are currently limited with transport, but we can provide services in-home or where transport is available. We are looking to increase our travel and accessibility services in the future to further assist people with physical disabilities. If you’d like to discuss your specific circumstances and which services we can provide, please contact us for a friendly chat.

We provide flexible support during and after business hours, weekends and holidays.

We don’t have any set programs -– our services are 100% tailored to your unique needs. All our services are developed by you and your family/carer, based on your individual needs. Our sole focus is to provide the highest quality of care and support to help you achieve your goals.

Pricing varies based on what type of services are required, as you only pay for the services and time you need. We provide support for privately funded customers and those on an NDIS plan. If you’d like to discuss our services and pricing for your specific needs, please contact us.

All services are 100% claimable through NDIS – if your plan allows. We are currently only able to provide support for those on a self-managed NDIS plan, or those managed by a registered NDIS Plan Management provider. We are unable to provide services for those with a plan managed directly by the NDIS, although if you would like to be notified when this service is available please contact us.

For more information on how we can support you, please contact us here or at t.dsn@outlook.com for a friendly and confidential chat.